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Alley Bats Baseball 

We are excited to announce our new Travel program based out of Glenview, Il. We understand that there are many programs out there, but we are built differently. Why you ask... because we focus on player development. At Alley Bats Baseball Club, we provide an environment where players can improve their skills and develop their talent. The coaching staff typically includes former professional coaches and players from league teams who can provide more advanced training to help players take their skills to the next level or prepare for high school baseball.


Player Development is KEY to success




1. Provide players with playing time at multiple positions throughout the season to enhance baseball IQ. 

2. Dedicate practice time each week to continuously work on the little things. DON’T only play games once the games start.

3. Take away playing time for poor sportsmanship, disrespect, selfishness and poor choices. DON’T turn a blind eye because it’s your more talented players but follow through only when it’s a player with lesser talent.

4. Promote thought and encourage aggressiveness. DON’T dictate as to say it’s your way or no way.

5. Constantly promote self evaluation, ask them questions and force them to think. DON’T solely speak at them without ever looking for feedback.

6. Have pitchers on a rotation for consistent time on the mound in games and between games to continually refine and develop consistent feel for their delivery and pitches. DON’T let it go more than three or four days without them getting on a mound or only pitch them in games without ever providing time for them to work on their weaknesses and maintain their strengths.

7. When a player makes a mistake, coach them up, rebuild their confidence and let them go back out there. DON’T take away playing time immediately or even worse, yank them off the field in the middle of an inning simply because you, the adult, have seen enough.

8. Create a team atmosphere and camaraderie through sportsmanship, respect, compassion, leadership and positivity where everyone supports and believes in each other because they all see each other as equal. DON’T create a division amongst players, parents and coaches because one group of players is treated differently than another group of players because of talent, skill and who their parents are.

9. Create a team full of leaders by leading by example and motivating, inspiring and encouraging them to act as leaders amongst themselves, towards their opponents, towards the umpires, towards their fans AND away from the field. DON’T be a poor example of how to carry yourself in moments of adversity, play favorites based on ability and talk down to them in a belittling manner because things aren’t going the way you think they should.

Development is such an important word when it comes to our youth and their leadership. As adults, at home and on the field, we must keep refining our leadership, evaluating our ways and understanding the big picture. This is all so much bigger than Baseball. This game, when viewed correctly, can be one of the most amazing life coaches there is.

10. Let’s stop being blinded by the “WIN” and start adjusting our thought process to focus on DEVELOPING PEOPLE through Baseball.

11U Coach 
Pat Schramm

Patrick Schramm grew up playing baseball for Skokie youth, Edgebrook-Saugansh youth baseball and Niles West feeder league. Was 1st team all-conference pitcher at Niles West High School.  Played for Niles Braves and National Qualifying 2003 Lakeside Cardinals under the tutelage of the legend Bill Palmer.  Pitched collegiately at Monmouth College for 3 years, in Monmouth, Il. Trained and head coached youth and amateur baseball teams for over 10 years; including Lakeside Cardinals, Evanston Orange Cats, Niles West Freshman, and was the youth coordinator and head coach for Top Tier North for 5 years.  Has head coached multiple top 10 Perfect Game and TBR 14u and 12u ranked teams in IL.  Was a hitting and pitching instructor at the Strike Zone, Top Tier North for 8 years and currently is the lead hitting and pitching coach at Catchers Alley 


10U Coach
Noel Areizaga

Noel Areizaga moved to Chicago at a young age from Moca, Puerto Rico, lived in the Humboldt Park neighborhood and attended Roberto Clemente high school. A member of the baseball team who appeared in 3 city championship finals. Areizaga was selected to the All city and section teams as a pitcher. He then continued his baseball and academic success at Missouri Valley, a small Division 1 school from 1990-1993. Areizaga was fortunate to play in the 1991 regionals. He earned his bachelor’s degree in education from Missouri Valley in 1993. After graduating he signed an independent contract with the AA Federation of baseball in Puerto Rico, shortly after he became a physical education teacher at Foreman High School (CPS) where he became the head baseball, swimming and volleyball coach (1994-2000). In 2001 Areizaga joined the Chicago Police Department and played on the department’s baseball team. Areizaga is a current high School resource officer in the Austin neighborhood on the west side of Chicago.

Daughter Yamila plays NCAA D3 water polo at Carthage College in Wisconsin. 


Son Nomar plays NCAA D2 baseball at Roosevelt University in Chicago 


Additional baseball experience:

• head baseball coach at Michelle Clark High

•head baseball coach for Chicago Legends 18+ (3 national championships)

•pitching instructor for Cangelosi Sparks, Horner Park Highlanders, Edgebrook Thunder, Humboldt Park Twins, Team Chicago and The Base travel baseball programs 

• member of the Chicago Public schools coaching association 

•member of the Puerto Rican Masters National baseball team 45+

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